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The Total Image Group, Business Alchemists

Optimising, rejuvenating or updating your business
We're the catalysts in identifying and keeping pace with changing market opportunities to
keep you on top of trends and boost your business performance.

Initial conversations with us cost nothing but keep you in the global dialogue.

Keeping pace - It's not what you do it's the way that you do it!

Even the most successful business needs to maintain vigilance at all times in order to be aware of and stay ahead of competition. Markets evolve and can often dictate a rethink on strategy and approach either internally or externally when existing methods produce diminishing returns. Identifying missed or undercapitalised opportunities within your business can also add significantly to overall performance.

Avoiding fresh paint on rusty metal

We ensure that our initial conversation delves deeply enough to determine that available budget will be best applied to reach your market. You want your investment to work, so we act responsibly on your behalf to get the best out of your budget and promote the right message to your staff, marketplace and/or shareholders.

S.W.A.R.M. - Social and Web Applied Rapid Marketing

Social Media - It's too easy to dismiss this huge marketing opportunity for your business. No longer a flippant medium for the young, it represents one of the best routes to market if strategically coordinated, applied and linked to your business. By pioneering the interconnectivity between your products, personnel, services and marketplace. Social Networking means that your market now seeks you out and shares their impressions with their own networks – leading to exponential growth in your global catchment. The Total Image Group, on your behalf, capitalises on media that to many remain alien yet will guarantee constant visibility for your business.

Click here for further information about S.W.A.R.M. Social Media Services

Full of bright ideas

Whether you ultimately need a simple tweak or complete rejuvenation, we can provide the formulae to achieve your aims, together with the marketing ideas, strategies and tools to implement them. You choose the level of involvement required and we'll do the rest.

Talk to us for:

  • Review and overview of current status and position
  • Marketing ideas, trends, strategies and solutions for business optimization
  • Proposals for business repositioning if required
  • Creative recommendations for business invigoration
  • Effective introduction of new initiatives
  • Ongoing vigilance of market trends with rapid response
  • Social Media and Social Networking Integration (S.W.A.R.M.)


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Home  |  About Us  |  Contact  |  Social Media  |  News  |  Create  |  Develop  |  Refine  |  Protect  |  Invest
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