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Archive for June 2012

Social Media Is Still A Mystery To Many Businesses

Posted Friday, June 29th, 2012

It is no surprise that the high-level Social Media search traffic is focused on advertising and marketing needs. With a combination of a little over three million searches a month, the Marketing/Advertising search traffic is overshadowed by the ten million informational searches that sometimes ask questions, but are mostly vague in nature.

This analysis of AdWords data suggests that business people are really still trying to learn and sort out what Social Media is all about. But when you look specifically at user intent, you can plainly see what aspects are important to them. Consider the intent in following categories of behavior.

Behavioral Highlights

  • There are 24 queries with 66K monthly searches that deal with learning about Social Media. These are not about reading primers – they are about attending educational classes.
  • There are 19 queries with 96K monthly searches concerning How To. These are searches for guides, tips and best practices.
  • There are 14 queries with 67K monthly searches asking questions about the What and Why of social media. Consumers are asking very direct, and easy to answer questions.
  • There are 42K searches each month by consumers asking for a definition of social media.
  • There are 22 queries with 80K monthly searches that are all about research. The interest is studies, reports and trends. These consumers are in serious research mode.
  • There are 16 queries with 49K monthly searches about social media policy and governance.
  • To complement the research category there are 16 queries with 39K monthly searches about finding statistics.
  • There are 22 queries with 94K searches about managing and monitoring requirements for communities.
  • There are 47 queries with 148K monthly searches about social media strategy and planning.
  • There are 14 queries with 59K searches that are about optimizing (SEO) for social media.


How Small Businesses Can Use Instagram

Posted Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Instagram, the popular mobile app by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, has been gaining a lot of attention, especially since Facebook’s $1 Billion recent acquisition.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free and fun way to share your life with family and friends through a series of edited photographs. Each picture is taken through your smartphone and then filtered through several custom filters. You can choose to take a photograph through the app or select one from your library. Once your image is captured and enhanced, it is ready to share with the world.

How can it help my small business?

Instagram allows its 14 million users to edit and post digital photographs, and where do they all go?  Mostly to one of their social networks. Join the bandwagon and use Instagram to your advantage. Here are tips on how to enhance your marketing strategies and brand identity…

  •  Connect with your customers. Let’s face it, Instagram is cool. It’s a fun and creative experience for users and has gained a large, loyal following. When you use it, it says the same about your small business, which also makes this a good branding incentive. Use Instagram to reflect your brand identity by using one of its custom filters, whichever your creative direction may be.
  • Increase customer interaction at no cost. Small businesses are on a budget and are always finding marketing strategies at low costs. This application is free. Small businesses have the window to showcase their brand identity, authenticity, and expression without spending a dime. You don’t need fancy photographs, but you do need visually appealing photographs.
  •  Publish fun photographs.  A large part of branding is telling a story without words, and as entrepreneurs, you already have an eye for aesthetics. Claim your brand with Intagram photos and post fun and attractive images of the workplace lifestyle to exemplify the brand’s foundation and gain a following. One away to promote your products/services is by creating albums. This will help you showcase your small business’ individual product/service further.
  • Fill any voids. Storing and sharing photos is important for your social networks, including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter.  This application is a free way to promote your business, target and extend your niche reach, and gain following. You can do all this with Instagram without stepping out of your comfort zone.

We hope this helps you capture the underlining benefits of Instagram for your small businesses. Perhaps, use Instagram’s success story as a module for your own business strategies. As a final thought, we’d like to enlighten you with one more tidbit—when choosing your Instagram username, use a name that is clear and reflects your company brand. This will increase your Internet marketing (including SEO) and brand identity.

The Utilization for Social Media for Business

Posted Friday, June 8th, 2012

Making a business become profitable is a very hard concept for business owners. Just couple of decades ago, having a good product to sell and having a good advertisement campaign was usually enough for success and for profitability. However, times have changed, as it has become more difficult than ever to be competitive in a world where every person on the planet has become a potential customer who can buy your products and services.  Thus, as a result, you need to be more vigilant, so that you can be competitive in a world where every company has become your competitor. Nowadays, instead of using classical modes of advertisement and expansion, you will need to use the internet as it has become the major mode of advertisement in the world. Internet is a special entity of its own and as a result, you will need to make sure that you use special social media interactions in order to make sure that you can remain competitive.

Social Media for business has become the main trend of business expansion for potential customers. In fact, currently it can be said that most potential customers do their due diligence on various products and services by using social media business criteria. For example, when a person is interested in a particular company, then usually the first place that they look is the company website along with its Facebook page. Then, sometimes users will use Twitter updates as well as YouTube videos on the products and the services. Once the customer is satisfied that the products and services are suitable, then that company’s products and services will be sold.

Hence, social media for business has become a very important criterion for success and as a result, if you own a company, you will need to have some sort of a master strategy for dealing with social media for business. Management of social media business modules can be a full time responsibility, as you will need to use full time for best results. You will also need to use the help of professional companies which have become experts in managing the social media business tools for best results. Social Media in Business has become a very important sector, which has redefined the way in which internet marketing has been done. This way, you can make sure that your business will achieve the greater height that is required.

71% of tweets are ignored

Posted Friday, June 1st, 2012

Ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall on Twitter? That might be because 71 percent of tweets get absolutely no response from the world.

Toronto-based social media analytics company Sysomos scanned 1.2 billion messages that were sent in August and September 2009 to try and get some idea of the kind of conversations that are going on. They discovered that more than seven in every 10 tweets sink without any kind of reaction from the world.

Of the remainder, just 6 percent get retweeted, and 92 percent of those retweets occur within the first hour. Multiplying those probabilities together means that fewer than one in 200 messages get retweeted after an hour’s gone by. Essentially, once that hour’s up, your message is ancient history.

That leaves 23 percent of messages that get an @reply. Drilling down, Sysomos found that 85 percent of replied-to messages get just one reply, 10.7 percent get two, and just 1.53 percent get three replies. Similarly to retweets, 96.9 percent of @replies are posted within an hour of the original tweet.

It’s not clear how the company treated messages that were both replied-to and retweeted.

The company also commissioned an animated visualization of the data. In the video embedded below, the spiral represents time, with the size of the blue dot representing the number of retweets and replies to that tweet. Following one dot over time, you should see it slowly grow as it gets replied-to and retweeted.

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