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The Total Image Group, Business Alchemists

Making or seeking investment; selling or buying a business
We'll help you to evaluate, prepare, research, present, package or appraise
any business to achieve the most rewarding transition.

Initial conversations with us cost nothing but set the scene for greatest success.

Selling a Business

First impressions count. Having made the decision to sell your business (or to merge with another) the most important first step is to present the company as much more than the sum of its parts – a valuable asset to suitors, Angels and Venture Capitalists who can then judge and assess by far more than just a simple multiplier of profit.

We work closely with your financial and legal advisors to distil the company into a single attractive entity, ensuring what you take to market is free of detrimental aspects or penalties that will impact on sale price. We work as either lead coordinator or partner in the complete sale process.

A company offered purely on the strength of financial performance will miss valuable opportunities to capitalise on business potential encapsulated within client base, market penetration, image, intellectual property and overall reputation; in the same way that addressing legal ramifications post sale agreement often results in price reduction if not dealt with beforehand.

Preparation is everything. You will often only have one chance to show your company in its best light. With our help you can transform first impressions into lasting impressions, which permeate throughout the business process and translate into improved sale price.

Buying, Investing in or Re-evaluating a Business

Whether you're an Angel, Venture Capitalist , Private Investor or seeking synergy or diversification, accurate evaluation of a business's market position and future is as vital as financial evaluation in assessing the wisdom in any acquisition. We undertake a thorough investigation of all aspects of business performance, presence and potential to generate a report of current status, opportunities, threats and solutions to ensure the realisation of maximum potential and return within existing and alternative markets.

What appears to be an attractive proposition today may become a liability tomorrow. What appears less attractive today may have huge potential. Markets constantly evolve through emergence, maturity and decline. Awareness of your prospect's place in this transition and the way to address the opportunities this reveals can add significantly to the value of your investment or warn against threats.

We work closely with you and your prospective investment to give you a comprehensive picture of current status and potential - plus the creative and marketing solutions to empower your decisions.

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