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The Total Image Group, Business Alchemists

Business & Franchise Creation, Start Up & Development
We generate comprehensive marketing packages to achieve maximum visibility, market
penetration and success whether creating, launching or promoting your business.

Initial conversations with us cost nothing but will lead to multiplying rewards.

Business Expansion & Franchising - getting the message right first time, to protect and promote core strengths

When you consider expanding or replicating your successful business there are no second chances. We know the opportunities and pitfalls of expansion and franchising inside out. We'll help you to capitalise on your strengths and avoid irreversible problems that can leave your whole business vulnerable.

We specialise in critical overview, guidance and packaging of the complete start to finish process of every element of franchise development, advertising and promotion, or business replication and expansion but can just as easily limit our support to any single element that addresses your business requirements.

Business creation & development - Not what you want to sell but what your market wants to buy.

It's a fundamental error to create, advertise and market your business, product or service in the way that you want to sell, rather than in the way that your market is receptive to buying. We bring objectivity and perspective to your side. We help identify your market, the triggers for buying within it and create and structure the best ways to reach it. We've the track record and credentials to turn your vision into reality.

Sustained visibility

We offer ongoing support or one-off implementation, whether you're creating and launching a completely new franchise, starting a business or advertising and promoting an existing service or product. You can blend our skills with your requirements at every level.

Talk to us for:

  • Initial objective overview with a qualified perspective
  • Business strategy creation
  • Business or franchise format 'complete package' creation
  • Creative strategies and implementation
  • Ongoing backup and support to suit your business
  • Overview or complete immersion in your company


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