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The Total Image Group, Business Alchemists

Creative Inspiration / Corporate Identity / Branding Generation
We create, polish and promote your public image - the highly valuable asset and
recognisable hallmark that encapsulates the essence of your business.

Initial conversations with us cost nothing but lead to lasting impressions.

Corporate Identity -
All that glitters is not gold

Corporate Identity design must reflect the 'character and personality' of the business and be a true reflection of its capabilities and performance. A bright new image or logo can highlight weaknesses as easily as it promotes excellence. We ensure that your new identity design harmonises with and reflects all elements of your business and accurately promotes the standards you maintain or aspire to.

Creative reflections

We ensure that your outward creative representation is a true reflection of your ideals and the message that you wish to impart to your marketplace; introducing or refining highly creative design, implemented throughout the regime of your business or brand applications and supported by marketing strategies designed to capitalise on your strengths.

Talk to us for:

  • Evaluation of business profile and current marketing strategies
  • Recommendations for integration of your ¬†ideals internally and externally
  • Creative packages for logo design, corporate identity design and/or full marketing regime

Branding -
the hallmark of a successful product

Branding must encapsulate the promise and delivery of your product or service in a way that builds recognition, loyalty and value. A well devised and positioned brand will build an asset that brings significant added value to business performance and bottom line.

Understanding the philosophy

We evaluate the nature of your business or brand and research internal and external attitudes towards it before considering the best way to market and promote it strategically and visually. We'll also advise and recommend changes, or facets of your business that need attention, prior to instigating the creative process. We'll initiate and integrate the creative process internally and externally to ensure 'buy-in' from everyone who must embrace your new initiative.

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